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Spring is Coming!

After a long winter, it seems like spring might be around the corner 🥳

A few days this week will be super warm! 61°F (16°C) after a long time of weather that did not reach above 20°F (-6°C). It’s definitely a relief!

I have less than 100 days until I graduate high school! 😱 This month and through April I will hear back from all the universities I applied to, and I will need to make a decision where I want to attend! 📚

Some more big news is that I am becoming an OFFICIAL Schleich Ambassador 🤠😱

I’m super excited to see exactly what this will mean 😏🤩

I had a pretty challenging custom request recently with a lot of resculpting (for me at least), but I’m very pleased with how it turned out! 😜🧐

Unfortunately, my Grandfather passed away last weekend, so it has been tough for me emotionally 😓

Luckily I have all of your support and art as a distraction 💘

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