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Making a Saddle

So, I recently finished a really lovely custom Schleich horse (originally the retired Hanoverian mare) , and I decided to make her a tack set! I think I still want to make her an ear bonnet, and possibly a martingale.

This isn't really a "tutorial" per say, but I'll show some pictures of my progress! I started with a saddle pad

Then I made with the saddle tree, rolling thin leather over a cut-out, metal can

Then I made the little flappie things, the "skirt"

Glued them together with Aleen's tacky glue

The I made the kneerolls, taking thick kidskin and folding it under my black leather

Here they are cut out

I go around the edges with a sculpting tool to get a nice "bump"

Glued together

Putting the pieces together....

This saddle even has adjustable stirrups!

Now time for the panels

And it's done!

I'm satisfied overall, but I'd like to do better on my next try!

I already see places I can improve!

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