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A New Rider

So! After a long search for a new doll for my Schleich and CollectA horses, I stumbled across an Instagram post with a doll that looked like the right scale. They were realistic and had movable limbs! Not a combination you find too often 🤣

Don't get me wrong, Belville dolls are adorable, but they do not look very realistic at all. Not to mention, they are too small for Schleich.

So, I ordered two dolls, hoping they would be the right size since I didn't want to have to make multiple purchases if I did like them (and pay shipping twice...🙈)

A week or so later, they arrived!

I was immediately surprised by the amount of limbs and heads in the box.

So much variety!

Each set comes with 4 heads and multiple shoe/foot options.

I had a bit of difficulty getting the shoes to stay on though.

The first task was making clothes. I have made Belville sweaters in the past, which was pretty tricky for an amature sewer like me. Working on such a small scale is no easy feat!

My first try at pants wasn't beautiful.... 😂🤷‍♀️

But when you don't succeed; try again!

A belt was in the works too! Something I actually knew how to do; leather and buckles!

I needed a few breaks 😁