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Design Your Own


I can paint your horse (or any horse for that matter) 

To receive an estimate, fill out the form 

  • I have ​many models available, you can google images of schleich, breyer, collectA, mojo, safari LTD, papo (or other brands) to find some you may be interested in. 

  • I do not begin work until you purchase the listing.

  • Most horses will be done within 3 - 9 weeks. If there is a rush order (birthday or holiday) there will be an additional charge. 

Prices are NON-negotiable, and you will be assigned a level depending on several factors: 

  •  Base mold: retired, rare molds will warrant a higher level than basic, current mold

  • Complexity of design: basic colorations (palomino, bay, black, grey) are lower level than more complex colorations (dapple, roan, pinto, appaloosa, etc.)

  • Additional customization: resculpting and model repositioning warrants a higher level. I can resculpt the body position, mane, tail, etc. Please be specific when explaining your idea and provide images of what you are looking for. 

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Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please check your email for my response.

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